Croatian harbours & anchorages

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                                                              2016  update 

Thanks to everyone who over the last Two year have kept me up dated with any changes to my anchorage  site .

We are hoping to revisit Croatia this year and update the pilot guide and add a few more anchorages .

One of the concern lately that's have come to light is , VAT and the T2L , there been report of yacht being chained ,

So I understand from very reliable people , Croatian custom have been investigation boat that have had long term mooring in Croatia some of these boat can not proved their VAT status and they have been chained until the duty have been paid .

report can be found by click here 

up to dated no visiting yacht have been involved .

The only advise I would give is make sure when visiting Croatia that all your documents are in order , just as you would when visiting any other country in Europe .

The rule regarding VAT is quite clear .

" vessels that were in use as private pleasure craft prior to 1 January 1985 and were in the EU on 31 December 1992, may be deemed VAT paid under the Single Market transitional arrangements. "The owner of these yacht should be able to get an exemption certificate ( now you can apply for T2L ) from HMRC UK Yachts ,

for other European yacht your government tax office .

Document that need to prove VAT status are .

• original invoice or receipt

* evidence that VAT was paid at importation

* invoices for materials used in the construction of a ‘Home-Built’ vessel .

We hope this puts some minds at rest .

Have a safe sailing season



                                                      Welcome to this site. 

This site has been created to help other sailors who wish to cruise Croatia. 
You will find plenty of information on the internet, although most of the information we came across was pre-EU and out of date.

The rumors  heard from other sailors and the internet is that Croatia is very expense and finding anywhere to drop your anchor without some kind of payment is difficult.

So the whole idea of this site is to pass on info that we find about harbours and anchorages, 
The cost we incur and other useful information we come across.

This isn't an blog about our travels, but hopefully just useful information for everyone to use.
                                       Last up date 03/7/2016
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