Croatian harbours & anchorages

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                                  Southern Croatia Harbour and  anchorages 
                This page will  be up dated as we explore more anchorages 

Croatia is now part of the EU, but unlike most of the other countries in the EU you still have to check in and pay fees.

We decided to use Cavtat as our port of entry, so we will start from there.

                                                               Cavtat 42 34 N 18 12 E

This is a large bay that has one obstacle; there is a group of rocks just north west of the harbour, marked with a red and black danger marker.

Once in the bay, the town is on the east side. On the far left is the customs quay, indicated by a big yellow sign, so we understood you have no option but to go to onto the quay.  The only problem is; they charge you six euros for staying there while you check in. When the time comes to check out, we won't bother going onto the quay but anchor in the bay.

Just along the quay, on top of the restaurant with the blue canopy, you will find the port police. Just another 50 mtrs further along the street,  you will find the harbour office. You will need to go there first to pay fees and get the crew list stamped (fees are paid in KN). You will find banks and ATMs just down the road. Once that is done you need to visit the police who will check your passport and crew list.

Have a crew list printed out ready!

The cost of all the charges for entering and staying in Croatia for three months was 1098 KN, which is about 156 euros , for a 12 meter yacht in 2016

Although we were told by the police that we couldn’t anchor in the harbour  and that we had to use the buoys, the harbour master told us otherwise. We anchored in the far south east corner, where we were joined by five other yachts that evening .

No charge for anchoring.

The holding is good.

There two other options if you don’t want to move on. You can go onto the town wall at a charge of 40 euros a night  (no water or electricity!) or you can go into the bay just around the corner and anchor there.

The town has a supermarket, buses to Dubrovnik, plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops and there are some nice trails.

NOTE up date in 2016




there also been reported that in the summer months there a charge for anchoring in the bay but the town 

                                                            Uvala Thia 42 35 N 18 13 E

In ther next bay from  Cavtat there the bay of Tiha.
this is a large bay , anchor on mud , grass , holding can be patching in places but once the Anchor in the holding is good .
no charge for anchoring 
Dinghy can be left on the quay by the town .
see Cavtat for information about the town 
internet sim from tabco shop or post office , in 2016 T sim was 11 euro unlimited GB for one week . plug and play .

                                                              Zaton 42 41 N 18 2 E

The bay is about a mile long , open to the south. You can anchor in three places: there are two indents on the port side. The first one has a small village, there is a quay which you can go onto with water and electric, thought I guess there will be a charge,restaurant, supermarket, PO, and some very nice walks. No charge for anchoring. The second indent has some mooring buoys for local boats but there's still room to anchor in the middle.

In both of these indents there is some protection from the southerly winds.

The last option is to keep going till you reach the end of the bay and anchor in about 8 mts. There are places you could go stern to or  bow to, free . it very quiet although there is a main road that runs behind the hamlet , super market just alone the road ,

you will also find a bus stop just behind the bay  ,

no charge for anchoring .

Holding good

The bay is surround by mountain, very picturesque , has a feeling that you’re in a Scottish lock .

The wind can blow hard down the mountains, make sure your anchor is well in .

Note .. we found the local people here very friendly and happy to chat away .

                                                                   Island of Sapan ,

                                                       Sudurad   42 42 N 17 54 E

Small bay on the starboard side there are two sets on rock ,

North of them there is a swimming area marked off , anchor between them , there room for two maybe three yacht . Holding good .

There a small indent on the port as you enter the bay , there room for another two yacht there , the quay was full with tripper boats and a ferry calls here twice a day , you may be able to get on the wall once they all gone in the evening

No charge for anchoring .

Few restaurant and some Grocery can be had .

NOTES .. weather , we have been getting our forecaster from DHMZ site and so far we have found it very good , but you have to read between the lines this whole area is surrounded by mountains no weather will be 100%

There is also a constant forecaster on VHF 73 as well as weather and Navigation warning four time a day on the VHF

                                                                          Island of Mljet

                                                           Saplunara 42 41 N 17 44 E

Once In the bay on the southern end of Mljet You are well protected for everywhere other than the SW , not the prettiest of places ,but the bay is very clean , there are moored buoys (around 20 ) around the edge of the bay belonging to the restaurants , but plenty of room to anchor in the middle , depths from 11 mts up ,

we did found with an  NW wind blowing the yacht where all side on to the slight swell that was entering and they where all rolling ,

we hoped out and taken lines to a small quay on the SE corner by the beach , this area was once a military area and parts still are but you can now land there . Bar on the beach , a few restaurant around the bay one where you can buy bread but you must order it the night before . Car hire is available here.

Good holding , No charge for anchoring .

Notes , internet , you can buy a Sim card from one of the Kiosk ( we used Tele2 ) for 24Kn and the card will come with 24Kn credit loaded on it , then by buying more credit and sending a text it will recharge you Sim , can be a bit complicated , best if you can find an internet shop to do it for you we was lucky a young Croatian man did it all for us .

3GB works out about 25 Euros 


                                                        Uvata  Lokva 42 47 N 14 20 E

This anchorage is part of the national park ,the bay is almost half mile long , totally surrounded bay wood lands its well protected , as you can see from the chart-let , once in the open sea is well hiding from view .

Holding good . 

As it part of the National park we expected to be Charge here , we stayed two night and no one approach us for fees .

it 15 minutes walk from the town of Pomena , where there is two mini markets Although I would suggest only buy what you need there , we found it very expenses , there also plenty of restaurants to choose from , the Quay in Pomena have water and electrics all at a cost ,  not only in terms of money , it can be a noise places in the height of the summer , some of the restaurant’s around the water side also have pontoons , another option is to anchor on the north side of the town , where a charge will be made but it included entrances to the National park and a boat trip to the Former Benedictine Monastery , which is now an restaurants , there two large lakes , well worth walking around , some nice walk thought the woods .

Notes for food , we have done three big shops for food and we have found if you use the large supermarket there isn't a great different in prices that you would find in most other Europeans country’s .

expect to pay a lot more on some of the Islands , try and stock up when you can and only buy daily stuff  on the island unless there is a large supermarket . 

                                             Island Mijet  Polace 42 47 N 17.22 E .

Large anchorage very protected with serval places where you can anchor . 
  We anchored in 4 mts on mud , very good holding
The restaurant also have laid mooring , with water and power .
Small super market and bakery and bike hire
this is part of the national park so there is a charge for anchoring . Although no one came around while we was there . 

                                                            Island Korcula East coast

                                                          Uvala Raciste 42.55 N 17 9 E

There quite a few option here , we hopped for Raciste , small bay with some houses around , anchor In 4 mts Mud , holding good , other than two restaurant there not much else here .

Bus stop on the corner of the bay , buses run every hour day time to Korcula , cost 15Kn one way ,

A fifteen minute’s walk will take you to Lambarda , where you find a good Super market , the bay houses a small marina but there no anchoring in the bay .

Neared bay to anchor to Korcula Town is Uvala Luka 42 57 N 17 8 E , beware  there two chains on the bottom of the bay and dives will charge 50 Euros , if you do anchor there , anchor sea wards of the small island in the bay

                                                    Island of Korcula West Coast 

                                                     Uvala Poplat 42 56 N 16 39 E

The harbour Authority extend almost two miles out as Far as Uvala Gardina and there is a anchoring charge of 100 Kn a night ,there is mooring buoys, in the harbour and few at Gardina at a cost of 150 Kn a night , for a short stop of an hour or so , there don’t seem to not be any charge .

The Harbour has several super markets , a small fish market and fuel is on the quay, Fuel 10.38 lts , there are several anchoring spots all along the bay but once again there is a charge , the town houses a cave that can be dated over 18,0000 years , well worth a Walk to the top to see the cave and the views on the way up are fantastic .

There is a bay on the SW corner 42.56N 16.38 E Uvala Poplat which is out of the port Authority reach , very quiet , only a few houses , anchor in 7 mts , weed and Mud , once thought the Weed it good holding and take a line ashore , very open to the west and North west will send in a swell , but unless it is blowing hard it not really a problem , the other bay out of the Port Authority reach is Uvala Stracincica 42.58 N 16 40 E although it is two and a half miles from the town

Note .. if you wish to visit the town one suggestion is that you arrive in the morning and anchor is the bay Uvala Plitvine near the Hotel , weed and sand , pick your place to drop the hook , there is a foot path around the water side leading to the town , as soon as you return leave the bay and head to one of the other Bays I suggested depending on the wind for the night .

Just for a short stop to pick up supply you could use one of the buoys, let the harbour master know what you’re doing so not to get charge when you return.

                                            Island of Scedro  Lovisce 43 5 N 16 41 E

The bay splits into Three, there are many mooring buoys belonging to both of the restaurants, all are free but you are expected to use the restaurant.

There are many places where you can still  anchor and bollards ashore to tie back to , Do not tie onto the trees .

 poor holding in places , pick your spot  ,  no charge for anchoring ,

Jetties ashore to take the dinghy too.

Nice walks and trails crossing the island . 

There an old monastery dating back to the 16 century, in the next bay .

Note ,,,,If you moor to the buoys test the mooring before leaving the boat . Some don’t look that good .

                                                     Hvar Town 43 10 N 16 26 E

Hvar harbour mostly busy there are a row of Mooring buoys on the west side of the Harbour also boats can also go on the quay on the East side , cost of mooring up un known as we only stayed a few hours on the buoys , for a short stay pick one of the buoys , no charge , water  on the quay 100Kn .

The town is beautifully and well worth a visit , there a large super market near the quay .

The Harbour is very busy ferry’s as well as boats coming and going all the time .

                                                         Island Sveti Klement

Group of  Islands lies just under two miles south of Hvar Town  , tens islands in all The Islands haves bay on both side to anchor in  but some now have buoys ,

We went for Marinkovac 49 9 N 16 25 E

There are a few mooring buoys here belonging to the restaurants , free to their customers , small pontoon where to leave the dinghy .

Plenty of places to anchor, sand good holding in most places, no charge for anchoring .

Note ..This place is very busy during the day time , mostly day boats , come evening only a few amount of yachts and Motor boats stay ....

You can get Boat taxi to Hvar from here .